Glo nightclub in Ferndale has liquor license pulled

Liquor Control Commission yanks club's license after complaints

FERNDALE, Mich. – It's only been open since November, and in that short period of time, it's managed to make a big impression of the worst kind.

There have been 33 police runs to the Glo nightclub and constant complaints from neighbors, including music so loud it makes homes across Woodward vibrate, patrons who are urinating on lawns, parking wherever they feel like it, trespassing and getting into fights.

It's gotten so bad Ferndale City Council was inundated with people who begged the city to revoke the club's liquor license.

The council agreed, and now the Liquor Control Commission has yanked the club's license, which means for now, Glo is quiet.

"It's probably the best news I've had since they opened up," said Gilbert Harrison.

Harrison and his wife live down the street from Glo and have had a car stolen and club patrons looking in their windows in the early hours of the morning. The music makes their back bedroom thump to the bass of what's being played inside Glo.

Then there's the violence. Two patrons have been stabbed and a third was smashed over the head with a bottle. The club denies that happened, and the attorney representing the owners said this is a minority-owned business and it's being singled out.

"They haven't been given a chance, and there's a clear agenda and that agenda is obvious," said attorney Todd Flood. "Let's just play it out in the courtroom, let's get in front of the Liquor Control Commission, let's give them the facts, and when you see the facts, it'll bear out the truth."

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