Forecast: Weather changes on the way to metro Detroit

But first, you can see the Space Station tonight!

DETROIT – Clear skies means that we'll catch a glimpse of the International Space Station flying overhead this evening!

It's only a brief sighting this time, but placed very nicely in the sky. Look high in the northwest at 10:15 p.m. and you'll see a bright "star" fade into view and travel toward the north. It'll be visible for about a minute before fading from view again. I never get tired of seeing this, and thinking about the astronauts up there conducting all of that scientific research. Lows tonight in the upper 40s (about 9° Celsius for you Canadians), with calm air.

Saturday is the start of our weather changes. Although skies will be mostly sunny, a moisture-starved cold front will cross the area. The major impact you need to know about is that winds will shift around and blow from the northeast behind the front, and that's going to create a crazy temperature pattern across the area. Those of you inland away from the big lakes will see temperatures generally rise into the 65-70° range (about 20° Celsius) -- a perfectly acceptable weekend day for outdoor activities and yard work. However, if you live downwind from especially Lake Huron and Lake Erie (Lake St. Clair will also have some effect), you'll be noticeably cooler. In fact, near Lake Huron, temperatures probably won't even reach 60°!

Saturday's sunrise is at 6:48 AM, and Saturday's sunset is at 8:18 PM.

Mostly clear to start Saturday evening, so it'll be dry for all of your Date Night plans. Clouds then increase late at night, but it'll be a dry night. Lows near 40°.

Sunday begins with some sunshine, but clouds will steadily increase. Rain with possible thunderstorms then move in from south to north, so those of you south of I-94 get it first, and those of you farther north get it last. Obviously, this could potentially impact the Tigers came at Comerica Park, so remember that the Local4Casters FREE weather app opens up to a great radar display so you can track the rain. Just search for WDIV in the app store -- it's right there. Also, don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@PGLocal4), as I'll tweet weather updates (and radar images) to keep you ahead of the weather. Highs Sunday in the upper 50s, and it's going to become increasingly breezy as the afternoon progresses.

Rain and thunderstorm chances continue Sunday night, although I suspect that the activity will be most numerous during the first half of the night. In fact, it's even possible that the rain could shut off for a while later at night. Very mild, with lows near 50°.

More rain and thunderstorms will hit the area on Monday, with the rain diminishing during the afternoon (hopefully in time for the start of the Tigers – Yankees series). Becoming very windy by late afternoon, as well. Highs in the low to mid 60s.

Partly cloudy with a possible shower Monday night, with lows near 40°.

Mostly cloudy on Tuesday with scattered light afternoon showers. Highs in the low to mid 50s.

Mostly cloudy Tuesday night, with lows in the mid 30s. And here's an interesting twist: an upper level disturbance coming through late Tuesday night may have just enough moisture to generate a few light snowflakes!

Mostly cloudy on Wednesday with a possible snowflake to start the day, and a possible rain shower during the afternoon. Highs in the low 50s.

Partly cloudy Wednesday night, with lows in the mid 30s.

Partly cloudy on Thursday, with highs in the low 50s.

Partly cloudy Thursday night, with lows in the mid 30s.

Partly cloudy Friday, with highs in the mid 50s.

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