Protesters arrested at University of Michigan Board of Regents meeting


ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Eight people were arrested during a protest Thursday at the University of Michigan Board of Regents meeting in Ann Arbor.

It's the second time pro-affirmative action protesters have temporarily shut down the meeting.

Protesters could be seen yelling outside the meeting, but what went down inside was significantly uglier.

"As soon as the meeting began, a small group of protesters charged toward the regents and pushed their way through several tables we had set up as safety barriers to separate them from the regents area," said UM police Lt. Jesse Lewit.

Police quickly moved in and arrested eight out of about 20 protesters inside the meeting. According to police, it appears that only one of the protesters is a student at the university.

Thursday night's incident isn't the first time the group has disrupted a regents meeting. Last November protesters pushed through barriers and the regents relocated to a different building to continue on with the meeting.

Police were prepared for something similar Thursday. UM Regent Mark Bernstein, who has chaired the state's civil rights commission, said he believes scenes like this do not help to advance the issue

"It's important that we approach these issues, and none of that was on display today," Bernstein said.