DTE Energy worker shot by BB gun in Detroit


DETROIT – A DTE Energy utility worker was shot by a BB gun Wednesday on Detroit's west side, a coworker said.

Detroit police said the worker was shot in the 1600 block of Highland Street, which is near West Davison Street and the Lodge Freeway (M10).

The worker is expected to be OK. He was shot in the arm.

Police are investigating.

Derrick Logan, who lives nearby, said he was told the worker was installing WiFi.

"Nobody deserves to be shot for anything. Because there is not a lot of people who live here anymore, you never know who is lurking about on your property," he said. "We don't see too many police in this neighborhood, either."

Logan said there is a lot of distrust and fear among his neighbors.

"A lot of times people will shoot before they know what's going on," he said.

DTE Energy said the man was a contractor for the company. He was disconnecting service at a home to make it safer because the home is known for repeated electricity theft, according to DTE.