Troy boxing class a workout, self-esteem booster for kids

Parents say boxing class at Boxing Rink was what their children needed

TROY, Mich. – It's a workout, a self-esteem booster and a way to get rid of aggression -- and it's for boys and girls.

Parents say the boxing class is exactly what their children needed.

When you think of kids' sports, you think of soccer, baseball and maybe gymnastics or ballet. Most parents don't think about putting boxing gloves on their little ones and sending them into the ring, but more parents are doing just that and are loving the results.

A ring at the Boxing Rink in Troy was jam-packed one Saturday afternoon, with some girls as young as 4 to boys who are 11 and 12.

"I learned that boxing makes you feel good," said Sukie, 4.

"My favorite part of the class is when we punch the heavy bags," said Landon Morgan, 8.

"It's good fitness for him, for one. He really enjoys it," said Landon's mother, Renee Morgan.

The class teaches the children the basics, but it's more about getting exercise and building self-confidence.

"We teach them the one-two. It's real quick, nothing technical with them," Boxing Rink owner Mike Martelli said. "No matter what age group we work with, our big thing here is proper form. You know it's good exercise for them and just building their confidence at a early age."

The hour-long class is spent in the ring and outside of the ring, taking turns one on one with Martelli and working out with the punching bags.

For some, the workout is all about fun. For others, it's a way to get rid of aggression.

What is the goal? Most kids just want to take the class, learn some moves and have fun. A few actually want to take it further and compete when they get older.

Martelli said either is fine. He is just happy that children are learning about a new way to stay fit and gain self-confidence.

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