Several Frank Murphy Hall of Justice courtrooms damaged after valve breaks

Courthouse will still be open Tuesday

DETROIT – Six courtrooms at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in Detroit have been damaged by water after a valve broke.

The courthouse will still be open Tuesday.

Cases in four of the courtrooms have been reassigned, so they will still happen. Restoration crews are at the courthouse.

"It appears what we have been told preliminarily that there may have been a problem with a water pressure release valve and that caused water damage in the building," said Judge Timothy Kenny.

The leak from the broken valve impacted two floors at the courthouse. Water seeped from the third floor to the second floor.

Security personnel found the problem about 11 p.m. Monday. It took about an hour to shut off the water.

No court documents were destroyed.

Kenny said maintenance problems with the building can slow down the courts.

"When you have a circumstance where court rooms are taken out of use and we have to adapt and move to temporary adjustments, that can have an impact on our ability to deliver the services to the public," he said.