Teens shoot up Garden City neighborhood


GARDEN CITY, Mich. – Alexzandra Ibanez says it all started about ten o'clock Monday morning.

"I woke up to this popping noise and it sounded like fireworks," said Ibanez.

She says those sounds continued for a couple of hours and she didn't think anything of it until other people who live on the street, said their homes had been hit by gunshots.

"My mom got home and she looked in my sister's room and she saw there's a gunshot bullet through her window," said Ibanez.

That shot wasn't the only one. A second shot hit the side of the house too. Police say at least four homes were hit on Gilman Street in Garden City. They say the people responsible are kids ages 10-16. Three of the four children are brothers.

"They apparently absented themselves from school yesterday and decided to get into a little mischief," said Garden City Police Chief Robert Muery.

That mischief included a home invasion and taking several shotguns and rifles back to their home in the 5700 block of Helen Street. That's where police say they discharged them through the walls of their garage and into the surrounding neighborhood. One of the bullets hit a shed in Jeanette Able's backyard

"It scared me because my son is sometimes out there. He could of got hit," said Able.

We knocked on the door of the home where neighbors say, police told them - the shots were fired. No one answered.

People say this is normally a quiet neighborhood and they're thankful this situation wasn't worse. 

"I'm very glad that my son was not hurt. I'm very glad the people over there were not hurt," said Able.

It was just a recipe for disaster and I think that we were just very fortunate that all we found was property damage," said Muery.

The four boys were taken into custody but they have already been released to their parents. Muery says charges are pending.

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