Veteran arrested for allegedly robbing Legion Hall

Police arrested a veteran for allegedly robbing a Legion Hall.
Police arrested a veteran for allegedly robbing a Legion Hall.

DETROIT – Police believe a veteran has stolen from a Legion Hall, which benefits veterans, more than once.

Until May 27, John David Shook was wanted, and nobody wanted him more than American Legion members, who had considered him one of their own.

"That's what incensed us was, we were all ready to help him," said Dave Gillies of Legion Post 389.

Shook was convicted in January of breaking into Post 389 in Riverview. A video from this week appears to show him breaking into another Legion Hall in Wyandotte.

Shook has also been linked to other crimes.

Last Friday, a man called the Riverview Legion Post. He wouldn't give his name, but he said that Shook was often seen in the area in Southwest Detroit.

A Legion member came to Detroit and said he saw Shook checking a dumpster. He followed him near I-75 and called police, but no luck. Later, Gillies and two other Legion members gave it a shot. They drove through the neighborhood, passed out fliers and went to businesses saying they were looking for a vet who was stealing from vets.

Things got interesting when they asked a panhandler for help.

"He told us he would take us to his place if we had 10 or 20 dollars," Gillies said. "One of the other members in the car said 'I'll give you five,' and he hopped in the car."

The panhandler led them down a street to a house where Shook supposedly lived. Following the van was an off-duty Hamtramck cop on a motorcycle. He told the men not to knock on the door.

"We're a bunch of amateurs, so we were just, he had the legal knowledge that we needed to keep us safe," Gillies said.

They gave the information to police. It's unconfirmed that Shook had been there, but two days ago in that area, police saw Shook in the area.

Now Shook is a fugitive no more.

"Our Sunday afternoon in Detroit wasn't for nothing," Gillies said. "We actually pushed them toward the guy."

Shook will be arraigned on charges that will likely include being an habitual offender. He served only three months after the January conviction after being charged with breaking into the Riverview post and stealing money from video poker machines there.