Design & Creative Services trainee


The trainee serves as an assistant in Creative Services, Design and Promotion at WDIV/TV. A trainee is exposed to television production and how graphic design applies to that medium. Motion graphics are the core of the trainee's experience.

He or she will create material for on-air broadcasts and websites on a daily basis. Most experience involves creating both still and animated designs to support our daily newscasts and local programming. 

The trainee will also create design material for our websites and help in the production of promotional spots with our promotion team.


A graphic design background is expected. Significant experience with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is required as is knowledge of Adobe After Effects. Experience with Adobe Premiere, Cinema4D and HTML is also desirable but not necessary. 

The position's duration is 12 months. There is no guarantee of subsequent employment with Graham Media Group.

Send resume to:

Jim Houff

Design Director


Detroit, MI

550 W. Lafayette Blvd.

Detroit, MI  48226

Email to:  jhouff@wdiv.com