Summer safety: Is your playground safe?


DETROIT – Summertime is here, which means your family will probably be spending plenty of time at your neighborhood park.

And while the majority of parks are safe, there are some safety concerns parents should be aware of.

  • Standing water can grown germs and bacteria. It can also be a potential drowning danger.
  • Trash, broken bottles, broken up aluminum cans are hazards to children who might pick them up and cut themselves.
  • Loose playground equipment -- such as missing bolts, screws or swing hooks that don't stay clamped down. 
  • Weathered wood or peeling paint could produce splinters
  • Remember to wear safe clothes at the playground, too. Shirts with strings can lead to strangulation. Helmets are a must on bikes, but be careful of the chin straps at the playground, too.
  • It's also a good idea to check the sex offender registry to see if there are any offenders who live close by the park.

Additional resources:

Check the Michigan sex offender registry here

Check the CPSC playground safety checklist