Largest chain reaction machine falls short of breaking record in Detroit

DETROIT – A team at the Michigan Science Center in Detroit has fallen short of setting the record for building the largest chain reaction machine Saturday.

The lead builder was Steve Price, a Michigan State University student and a native of the Detroit suburb of Canton Township.

Price said that some sections failed, which meant there weren't enough completed steps to break the record.

The machine included more than half a million objects, including about 200,000 dominoes and thousands of other common objects.

It was called the Zeal Credit Union's Incredible Science Machine, since a credit union was backing the effort.

Price said he's proud of the team's effort and the scale of what was built.


Organizers said the current Guinness World Records mark for a Rube Goldberg machine had 300 steps and ran for about 2 minutes.

Local 4 sat down with Price earlier this year to learn all about the project. Watch it here: Student engineer wants to build largest chain reaction in history

To view Steve Price's "Incredible Science Machine" fundraising page, click here.