Lightning strikes two Sterling Heights homes

Strikes caused both homes to catch fire

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – Two Sterling Heights homes were struck by lightning during heavy storms on Wednesday. 

Thunderstorms rolled through southeast Michigan on Wednesday, July 29th, causing the Sterling Heights Fire Department to respond to 16 incidents in a two-and-a-half hour timeframe. 

The first lighting strike fire, occurring in a home southwest of Plumbrook and Dodge Park Road, was caused by lightning that created a hole in the roof and started a fire in the attic. The resident had a painting contractor working in the home at the time, and the painter worked to throw water on the fire while the fire department responded. Estimated damage is $30,000. 

The second fire was reported 13 minutes later, northwest of 15 Mile and Moravian. The closest fire station was already out on other calls, so fire engines had to report from farther stations, and flames were coming from the attic when they arrived. Estimated damage is $60,000.

 No injuries were reported in either incident.