Could ruling set White Boy Rick free?

Former police informant Richard Wershe Jr. remains behind bars, going on 28 years


DETROIT – Richard Wershe Jr., a.k.a. White Boy Rick, still sits behind bars more than 27 years after his drug arrest at the age of 17.

Releasing non-violent drug offenders from life sentences has gained the support of the courts, the president of the United States and the governor of Michigan.

"The governor has just come out and said there's too many people in prison and we have to really cut back on that," said Ralph Musilli, attorney representing Wershe

Now Gov. Rick Snyder has received a formal request to let White Boy Rick Wershe go free.

"Richard Wershe Jr. has never been convicted of a violent crime and yet he is still in prison and we can't get the parole board to do anything," said Musilli.

Wershe's life story is being made into a Hollywood movie. At 14 he worked for police as an informant turning in drug dealers in his Detroit neighborhood. At 17 he was busted selling large quantities of cocaine. While in prison he worked with police again, helping the feds bust dirty cops, killers and dope dealers.

"Call the governor and tell him this is absurd. There are murderers that Wershe put in jail. One man confessed to 28 murders. He spent 14 years in prison. Richard Wershe is going on 28 years," said Musilli.

Wershe's attorney says his 27 years behind bars is way too long for a non-violent criminal, especially one who has cooperated with police on multiple criminal investigations.

The governor is not obligated to act on this request. If he des not, Wershe will next have a chance with the parole board in 2017.