Residents, businesses fix potholes in Waterford Twp.

Rod Meloni is in Waterford looking at some of Michigans worst potholes where residents are fixing roads with their own funds.

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – It's an expensive problem for the neighbors, businesses and customers, but there's no tax money to fix Summit Drive near the border of Pontiac and Waterford.

This is the location of some of the worst potholes in the state. Those in the area know that this road has to be taken slowly, but a moment of inattention can get costly.

Busted tires, bent rims and broken axles can get expensive.

So what did the local residents do?

They dug into their own pockets.

The Chevrolet dealership paid to fix the one outside its property and other businesses have hired Spartan Paving to fix some of the potholes.

The road leads to Summit Mall, which closed in 2009 and is legally responsible for repairs.  The mall is abandoned and so is the road.

Residents sat down with the owner of the mall and asked for the owner to pitch in to help fix the mess.  No money changed hands but they claim the mall is willing to chip in.

Locals in the area are excited about the repairs. 

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