Mobile services make life easier in metro Detroit

DETROIT – You've probably heard this saying before: "There's not enough time in a day."

That seems to always be the case when you have a long to-do list but not enough daytime hours to get it all done.

Thankfully, there's an easier way. Whether you love them or hate them, everyone has errands to run. Drop of the dry cleaning, get your nails done (ladies) and then pick up the dog from the groomer. This could all take hours unless you could have these services come to you!

"As the name implies, it is a salon on wheels," said Nicole Ortiz-Rich.

Ortiz-Rich has been grooming pets on-the-go for more than two decades. For the past five years she's been bringing the grooming to your location with prices averaging about $65. She provides everything to pamper your pet.

"I trim and file their nails. When they're in the bath I give them an aromatherapy bath and then I massage them if there's areas we need to focus on, like I have a lot of arthritic dogs so that's something that they just melt in my hands when I start doing that," she said.

It's all done in her Precious Furs Mobile Pet Spa, which is a fully-equipped utility trailer. She takes this around to wherever your pet is being serviced.

"It is climate controlled so I've got heat in the winter and AC for the summer," said Ortiz-Rich. "I have a hot water tank. I have everything ergonomically friendly within arm's reach so I am never more than a few inches away from the dog at any given time."

And while your dog is getting pampered, you can, too.

"We provide residential spa parties," said Tracey Sanders.

Sanders now offers spa services on location with Lavender Mobile Spa. Prices range from about $10-80 dollars and services are available for all occasions.

"Bachelorette parties, sweet sixteen, girl's night in and we provide corporate wellness services," said Sanders.

Corporate wellness services include massages on location, which our Brandon Roux was more than happy to take advantage of.

"They like it because a lot of people are very busy and they don't have the time," said Sanders. "Then they just put their robe back on and we get out of their way and we have the rest of the evening or day to themselves."

With that extra time, there is no need to go drop off or pick up your dry cleaning. Let the dry cleaner come to you!

"Just to make it easier I guess for people to come to us for people who have time restraints or it's hard for them to get out of the house," said Joseph Hebeka, of Belding Dry Cleaners.

Belding Dry Cleaners will literally come to your office or even your home to pick up your clothes. Once they're finished, they'll drop them back off at the location your choose.

"We actually will sometimes, will go straight into an office and hang it on the back of your office door," explained Hebeka. "No one has to be home either. We usually designate an area."

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