Roads stalemate drags on in Lansing


LANSING, Mich. – The Michigan House saw little business on Wednesday while all of the work was going on behind closed doors.

The Detroit Delegation had extensive talks with Gov. Rick Snyder. The bills Mayor Mike Duggan wanted passed regarding collecting Detroit city income tax by suburban businesses and the ability to use 20 percent of road funding for mass transit successfully made it out of committee.

That was supposed to be enough to get the needed nine Detroit votes. However, Detroit Delegation Chair Brian Banks (D-Harper Woods) said he wanted to see more guarantees from the governor with specifics on how the Republicans would cut $600 million from the existing budget.

"We can't just give a blank check to someone, because that's irresponsible," said Banks. "We need to know what agencies, what departments those cuts will come from, and we don't want them to come on the backs of citizens."

Banks also wanted revenue sharing left alone. That was just too much for the Republicans and the governor, and the deal died.

That doesn't mean there isn't more horse trading to do. State Rep. Sherry Gay-Danyogo (D-Detroit) thinks they can work out something.

"The Detroit caucus has demonstrated during this legislative year that we've been willing to work across the aisles with our governor on issues that are very important not only to the city of Detroit but to the state of Michigan as a whole," said Gay-Danyogo.

Both the House and the Senate are scheduled for sessions on Thursday. However, the House voted to leave town for vacation until after Sept. 9 if they don't get anything on Thursday.

We'll see if that deadline has any legs to pressure some action.

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