Ex-Oak Park clerk suspected of embezzlement


OAK PARK, Mich. – Earlier this year the city manager of Oak Park noticed something wasn't quite right with the city's finances.

The investigation revealed hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars were missing. City Manager Erik Tungate said the money trail led them to the woman who held the positions of deputy city clerk and director of elections. She was fired back in March.

Tungate said right after the woman was hired in 2012 she started pocketing city money.

"It makes me extremely angry because I care about people and I care about people's funding of our great programs and events," he said. "And so for someone to make their own personal attempt to do this is obviously very disturbing to us."

The Special Investigations Unit of the Oakland County Sheriff's Department is handling the criminal investigation. Local 4 went by the former deputy clerk's home Friday afternoon to get her side of the story. We were told she was at work.

Taxpayers aren't surprised by the accusations of misconduct.

"I think they should go to jail just like another other crook that commits a crime," said Oak Park resident Mark Gladden.

Tungate said this is

"This is a one time occurrence by this one individual. I do not believe, nor do any members of the public safety department, that this is going on anywhere else in the city and if it is we will do the exact same thing and terminate whomever is responsible," said Tungate.