Forecast: Chilly weekend ahead in metro Detroit

But wait 'til you see next week!


DETROIT – This afternoon's rain will gradually diminish during the late afternoon and early evening hours, and most of the night ahead should be dry.

The one area that may still see a few scattered showers is the Thumb, as our north wind blowing off the relatively warmer waters of Lake Huron may create enough instability to keep a few showers around later tonight, while the rest of us should see partial clearing. Lows near 50° (10° Celsius for you Canadians). North wind at 8 to 12 mph.

Partly cloudy to start our Saturday, except downwind of Lake Huron where it may start mostly cloudy with a few scattered showers. But areas away from the lake will see an increase in cumulus clouds, and some of those clouds will leak periodically during the day. Expect brief, spritzy type of rain that lasts a few minutes, then stops, then perhaps you get another in 20 minutes type of situation. But the key word is scattered, which means that not everybody will get showers, but everybody is at risk (with the highest risk in the Thumb).

It's basically "luck of the draw." If you're going to the Michigan game in Ann Arbor, I'd grab one of those light, plastic ponchos -- better to have it than not if you get a shower. Highs only in the low to mid 60s (17° Celsius), and some of you in our farther northern suburbs may even struggle to reach 60°. North wind at 10-15 mph will make it feel even cooler.

Saturday's sunrise is at 7:09 AM, and Saturday's sunset is at 7:50 PM.

Becoming partly cloudy Saturday night -- it'll be dry for those of you heading to East Lansing for the big game against Oregon. Game temps only in the 50s -- dress warm! Overnight lows in the upper 40s in the typically coldest suburbs, and in the low 50s closer to the big city.

Partly cloudy to mostly sunny on Sunday, with a smaller chance for a stray shower in the eastern Thumb -- particularly in the morning. Highs in the mid 60s.

Mostly clear Sunday night, with lows near 50° -- a dry evening for those of you heading to Rosh Hashanah services Sunday evening (and on Monday, as well).

And then, get ready for a fantastic stretch of September weather (it's just too bad we wouldn't get it here in time for our weekend -- I have a few choice words for Mother Nature). Mostly sunny Monday through possibly now even Thursday, with highs in the low 70s on Monday, in the mid to upper 70s on Tuesday, and then near 80° on Wednesday and Thursday. Overnight lows in the 50s, then rising to near 60° by the end of the week.

Our next chance of rain appears to be Thursday night and Friday.

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