Asian carp caught in Lake Erie being tested amidst concerns

Fish caught west of Point Pelee


DETROIT – A species of Asian carp caught in Lake Erie Thursday morning is raising concerns about the invasive fish in the Great Lakes.

The fish was caught just west of Point Pelee. The fish was a 23-pound grass carp measuring 38.4 inches long.

This type of fish eats vegetation, but it doesn't pose as big of a threat as other carp species.

"Bighead and silver carp are the carp that really could do significant damage to the economy and ecology of the Great Lakes and those are the species about which we're most concerned," said Ed Golder of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Experts said the carp species is a threat to the fishing industry in the Great Lakes.

The fish has been sent to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in Burlington for testing to see if the fish is fertile or sterile.