Plane crashes upside down in Sanilac County field


SANILAC COUNTY, Mich. – Sanilac County police say two Harrison Township passengers were taken to the hospital Tuesday when the small plane they were flying crashed in a field in Sanilac County.

Officials say they responded to the scene at 2:26 p.m. and found the 69-year-old man and 64-year-old woman walking around outside the plane. According to authorities, the man flew the plane out of the Sandusky airport and started experiencing mechanical problems.

The pilot said he tried to make it back to the airport, but decided to try an emergency landing on Ruth Road. Traffic on Ruth Road forced him to veer off into a field, where he lost control and crashed upside down in the farm field southeast of Ruth and Custer Roads, police say.

Both passengers were taken to McKenzie Memorial Hospital to be treated for their injuries.