Local mother charged with driving drunk with 2 kids in car

Police say woman doubled state's super drunk level


WHITE LAKE TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A 24-year-old woman from White Lake Township was charged with Operating While Intoxicated and Child Endangering after she lost control of her SUV and crashed into a tree.

Jenna Denison told police she had "a couple of beers" when she drove her SUV off of Bogie Lake Road, through a deep ditch and into a tree last Wednesday. She was driving around a dangerous curve in the road with her 6-year-old daughter and 2-month-old boy in the SUV.

"She hit that sign so hard

It was 10 a.m. and police say Denison almost fit the legal description of doubling the state's super drunk level, blowing a .303 at the scene. Super drunk is .17 and the legal limit is .08.

Denison's mother-in-law calls the incident tragic and said that Denison is an alcoholic.

Others say Denison could have killed herself, her kids or someone else. The crash happened right in front of a daycare and three schools.

"Through a school zone, school was in session," said Jeremy McCormack, a local parent who saw the crash scene.

Police called Child Protective Services after the crash. The investigation is ongoing.

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