Novi group travels to Philadelphia to see Pope Francis


NOVI, Mich. – They have been planning this trip for months. Their bags are packed and their families have said goodbye and prayed for a safe trip.

There are nearly 40 people representing The Church of The Holy Family in Novi and other area parishes making the journey to Philadelphia to see Pope Francis.

Patty Hubbard helped to organize the trip.

"We're just really excited to see the Holy Father and experience the wider church and just support him and his message of the family and why it's important and the foundation of the world. So, we're really excited," Hubbard said.

The group will travel nearly nine hours to Philadelphia. Some are church members, others are not. Audrey Grosman is Jewish.

"I'm so excited," Grosman said. "I've seen one Pope in Rome and I just can't wait to see him. I'm another religion but that's okay because he's a wonderful human being and everything that he said so far on television I've just loved him."

The anxious group left at 8 p.m. Thursday, all hoping to encounter, or at least catch a glimpse of, the Holy Father with their own eyes.

"It's inspiring, and you know, I joke with people that I don't want a selfie with him I want to jump in the Pope mobile with him," Hubbard said.

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