Detroit mayor launches new gas station camera, lighting program

Mayor Duggan said poor cameras at gas station are not helpful to police

DETROIT – Video from the latest carjacking and shooting in Detroit is shocking.

Dwayne Irvin was shot seven times when he stopped for a bottle of juice at a gas station at Greenfield Road and Schoolcraft. The FBI is on the case and trying to track down the gunmen.

From his hospital bed, Irvin said he can't believe he is alive and how quickly he was targeted at the gas station.

"It's real crazy. It don't matter what time it is. They're trying to get you," he said. Shootings, robberies and carjackings at Detroit gas stations clearly bother Mayor Mike Duggan. He wants a faster way to crack down on the criminals.

"I'm just so tired of every time you get this blurry image where you can't tell who the person is. Then they say the police are asking for your help when you can't see the face," said Duggan.

Duggan revealed a pilot program on Thursday. Eight gas stations in the city will volunteer to put up enhanced lighting outside, high resolution cameras and license plate cameras. The new cameras will send a live feed to Detroit police.

"If there's an incident at a gas station and somebody calls 911, somebody at police headquarters will be able to rewind that tape, take a snapshot of the perpetrator, put out to the police cars on patrol in that precinct to their laptop with a picture with the car in the light," said Duggan.

Victims like Irvin love the idea. He doesn't want this to happen to anyone else.

"Yeah, make it more safe for people. I thought I was gone," he said.

Irvin was set to go home from the hospital on Thursday night.

City leaders are working on an ordinance that would require all businesses open past 10 p.m. to install newer lights outside and better cameras.

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