Fall Weather Home Check List


Here is a list of items a Hire it Done professional Heating & Cooling contractor performs:

  • Heat Exchanger Inspection
  • Clean and adjust all furnace safety devices
  • Check flame characteristics, adjust air and/or gas as necessary
  • Clean and inspect burners
  • Inspect motors and if necessary lubricate moving parts
  • Check filter
  • Check Flue gas path to look for cracks and cleanliness
  • Check furnace blower compartment for cleanliness
  • Check furnace cycling
  • Measure temp rise and make sure within range
  • Check and adjust Thermostat as necessary
  • Check all electrical components and tighten if needed
  • Inspect condensate line
  • Inspect condensate pump if applicable
  • Check thermocouple if applicable
  • Test ignition system for proper operation
  • Measure furnace blower voltage and amperage
  • Test all furnace safety controls
  • Perform Carbon Monoxide test
  • Consult with Homeowner regarding condition of Furnace
  • Check Humidifier if applicable