Judge rejects plea deal for 'greedy butcher' doctor in Oakland County

Dr. Aria Sabit pleaded guilty to unnecessary, invasive surgeries as part of insurance scheme


An Oakland County doctor has been awaiting his fate after pleading guilty to intentionally botching surgeries.

Dr. Aria Sabit, also known by prosecutors as the "Greedy Butcher," raked in $11 million after billing Medicare and private insurance companies for unnecessary and invasive surgeries.

Sentencing day was Friday, but U.S. district court Judge Paul Borman instead scolded prosecutors for not informing dozens of victims in California about the sentencing. He didn't agree with the deal prosecutors cut with Sabit.

Brian McKeen, managing partner of McKeen and Associates in Detroit, which represents two of Sabit's victims, released this statement regarding Friday's proceedings:

"I applaud Judge Borman's decision to hold off on accepting any plea agreement until more facts are known especially with respect to how Dr. Sabit's misconduct has adversely effected his many victims.

"Regardless of the eventual outcome of the criminal case I intend to continue on my quest to hold Dr. Sabit -- and the hospitals that allowed these travesties to occur -- fully accountable."

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