14-year-old girl cat called, flashed by man in southwest Detroit


DETROIT – Detroit police are looking for a man who cat called and ultimately exposed himself to a 14-year-old girl walking home from school Friday afternoon.

Police say the suspect is a white guy in his 30s who was clean shaven and heavy set. He was wearing a yellow shirt and navy cap and was driving a black Dodge Ram pickup truck.

Harmoni Bevard, 14, was walking home from school when the black pickup truck creeped up on her.

The man behind the wheel started cat calling her, so she ran to the other side of the road hoping to elude him.

She thought he was gone when he stopped right behind her, called to her and then exposed himself.

She ran home, which was only two blocks away.

"She came barging through the door crying her eyes out," her mother, Christina Bevard, said.

Bevard called the police and DPD was on the scene in minutes and spent the afternoon working southwest Detroit to try and find him.

If anyone has any information on who the flasher is, Detroit police would like to find out.

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