Detroit police officer's car window shattered

DETROIT – The window to a Detroit police officer's car was suspected of being shot out Monday while he was driving near Evergreen Road and Westfield on the city's west side.

Detroit police say the officer is OK, but glass shattered on him.

After investigating the scene and the cruiser, police don't think it was a firearm, and the officer said he didn't hear a shot. He called it in as a possible gun shot. He searched the area and found nothing. At this point, police are not searching for anyone.

However, it got a huge response because it comes on the heels of two incidents where Detroit police officers were fired upon during investigations. Once Sunday night and once two weeks ago.

That coupled with what we've seen around the country has the chief speaking out on this.

"I really believe that some of the anti-police rhetoric that's going on in other places, has a tendency to empower individuals to think it's OK to ice officers in a violent way. It is not OK," said Chief James Craig.