6 arrested after barricaded standoff with police


DETROIT – Four men and two women were arrested on the west side of Detroit Saturday after barricading themselves in a home on the 15000 block of Stoepel Street.

A man showed up at a local hospital Saturday with gunshot injuries and told police he was shot during an argument over a bicycle.

"He's in critical condition," said Commander Elvin Barren of DPD. "Shot in the head and two shots to the back."

A taxi driver saw the victim running to a gas station and rushed him to the 12th Precinct, where an ambulance picked him up.

Police went to the home where the man said he'd been shot and two women answered the door, saying nothing was wrong. But police saw blood in the house and a man upstairs with a gun. Police say the man lowered the blinds and would not come out, which turned into a barricaded situation.

"They did an exterior check of the location and saw blood coming out of the back door, at which time they declared a barricaded gunman," Barren said.

Police waited for four hours before arresting six suspects and recovering a shotgun that was in the home.

Authorities believe the six people were inside hiding evidence and trying to change their appearances, but it didn't work.

There were no other injuries during the incident.

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