N.H. couple marry at haunted theme park

Bride's father dressed as Bettlejuice


LITCHFIELD, N.H. – Some unusual nuptials were exchanged in New Hampshire this week, Manchester television station WMUR reported.

Melissa Cote and Tom Cowern, who both work at SpookyWorld/Nightmare New England in Litchfield, New Hampshire, tied the knot Monday night in front of the attraction's haunted house.

"This is the best Halloween wedding you are ever going to see, period," said Cowern.

The groom arrived in tux and top hat, the bridesmaids wore black, the skeleton flower girl was a cute fright and the bride wore white. The bride's father dressed as Beetlejuice.

"It's the girl's dream to wear the white dress and walk down the aisle and everything like that with her dad, but my dad's all dressed up, so that's pretty cool," said Cote.

Nightmare New England is a supernatural venue for the couple. Cowern was the first horror actor ever hired at the attraction, and Cote thought she was just passing through.

"I scared her when she went through the haunt, and a few months later, we met under normal circumstances and she's like, 'You work there? Some guy scared me and I just started laughing.' And [I said], 'Yeah, that was this guy,'" said Cowern.

They both became Spookyworld actors, and later became engaged.

The wedding guests were encouraged to dress up in costumes.

Their friends said the wedding was absolutely perfect.

"Nobody has ever gotten married here, so it's definitely great," said one bridesmaid.