Deer locked in bedroom after barging into Mt. Clemens home

Deer subdued in home after 2 hours, 5 tranquilizers

MT. CLEMENS, Mich. – Nicole Gietzen was at work when she said she got a call from her daughter that a deer was inside their Mt. Clemens home.

"I was like, 'Call 911, call 911. I'm coming home now!" Gietzen said.

The deer entered the house through the front picture window. It took off down the hallway and eventually barged into a bedroom, trampling over everything in its path and leaving blood all over the place.

"I come home and low and behold I have a huge hole in my window and glass everywhere and there's a deer locked in my daughter's room, banging down her room," Gietzen said.

Gietzen's daughter, Taylor, said the deer came after her.

"It charges after me, so I kind of jump back on my bed and it just started coming after me," she said.

The family finally locked the deer in one of the bedrooms. Gietzen said it took two hours and five tranquilizers to subdue the deer.

Nobody was hurt, but the family said they're still in shock.

"It felt like a movie," Gietzen said. "You never just think a deer is going be in a neighborhood like this and is going to jump through your window and attack you in your house. You don't see deer around here and how does one pick my house and jump through my window?"

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