Robert Davis is filing lawsuits from prison

Inprisoned activist wants Detroit City Councilman Scott Benson ousted

DETROIT – Activist Robert Davis is serving time behind bars for taking money from the Highland Park School District.

However, Davis's residency in prison has not slowed down him down in his effort to sue people for information about local politics. He said he is filing a lawsuit to have a Detroit City Council member removed from office.

Davis made a name for himself by filing lawsuits against almost anyone and everyone in power locally. He sued to get Gov. Rick Snyder's emails. He sued to get Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan's name off the ballot. He went after the emergency managers of Highland Park and Detroit. He also filed dozens of frivolous lawsuits that were thrown out of court.

"Despite the fact that I am away, that I am unfortunately away, it does not prevent me from exercising my constitutional right, nor will I ever stop exercising my constitutional right, whether I am here (in prison) or back at home. I am committed to that," Davis said.

Davis wants Councilman Scott Benson ousted

He spoke from his prison cell in Alabama. He is still trying to make a difference in metro Detroit, he said. This time he is going after Detroit City Councilman Scott Benson. Davis claims legal statutes require the governor to oust Benson from office because of his drinking-and-driving conviction last year in Southfield.

"It's very simple and straight to the point. The Michigan election law is very clear. It mandates the governor to remove a local or elected official who has been convicted of being drunk. And, in this case, it's undisputed that City Councilman Scott Benson was convicted of being drunk," said Davis.

A spokesman for the governor's office said they received Davis's paperwork but don't expect to take any action, saying the only politician they can think of where removal was initiated is with Kwame Kilpatrick.

Legal expert Niel Rockind said Davis's legal effort will fall flat.

"Well, there's an old saying, "A little bit of knowledge about the law can be a dangerous thing," and Robert Davis has a history of taking the words and phrases within the law of contained to amplify and develop those into lawsuits against a variety of different governmental agencies," said Rockind.

Davis said because the governor has refused to act he will file with the appropriate agency within the court of appeals to forces the governor to act. He said he will be out of prison early next year and plans to be more active than ever in making sure rules are followed and politicians are transparent.

Meanwhile, Benson had no comment on the action. He did say, however, that hasn't even seen the request.