Detroit church honors victims of Paris attacks

A Detroit church honored the victims of the terror attacks in Paris.
A Detroit church honored the victims of the terror attacks in Paris.

DETROIT – There are visual signs all around the area Saturday night of people supporting Paris and the French people. The Spoken Word also brought people together in the form of a prayer vigil.

A few dozen people showed up from all walks of life to join in the Prayer.

"We're not just all different religions, we came from a soul," said Kristina Kosho. "We're not white, black, arabic, muslim, jewish-- we're not that. We're together."

"Terrorism is not only against Christian or Muslim, terrorism is evil and is against all religion," said Imam Husham Husainy of the Carbela Islamic Center.

It's something Americans can relate to.

"We've experienced 9/11 in our country," said Allison Cal. "It hits home in that sense."

The vigil was organized by a young woman who has family in France and friends in Paris. Her message was simple.
"Hope, bring hope to a dark situation," said Eden.

The words spoken were also comforting for metro Detroit's French community.

"There's French ex-pats that stay here for a few years and then go back, and others that build their lives here," said Stephanice Salvadero of the French-American Chamber of Commerce.

"The worldwide response shows that they are here with Paris today, but this is part of a larger conversation that this is not just target of the French lifestyle but our cultures across the countries."

There are about 4,000 French and about 70 French businesses in metro Detroit, Salvadero said.