Operation Detroit Blight Flight cleaning up District 6


DETROIT – Detroit District 6 Manager Rico Razo marshaled volunteers to clean up an overgrown vacant home for the elderly woman living next door Sunday morning.

"We're out taking care of things some of the seniors can't handle just because they're elderly and government can't solve every problem," said Razo.

Razo's slogan is "No Days Off."

"You know it's funny because I tell people that it's not that I don't relax," Razo said. "I'm always doing something to better myself or better the neighborhoods and so … that's what we do."


Volunteers saw Razo's post on Facebook looking for help with Operation Detroit Blight Fight.

"We're just out here taking care of business," said Razo.

The Detroit Mower Gang brought the muscle and the community did some heavy lifting, working together to get the house looking drastically different. The owner of the house is deceased and the legal process to demolish the house is long.

"Little by little we're knocking it out," Razo said.

It's deeply personal work for the community because a child was abducted and hauled into one of the vacant houses.

The city has between 30,000 and 40,000 homes that are in disrepair and in need of restoration or demolition. For Rico Razo, that means no days off.

For help or to join the effort, contact RazoR@detroitmi.gov or visit their Facebook page.

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