Forecast: Enjoy warm temps for now in metro Detroit

Above-average temperatures hang around


DETROIT – The sixties keep on comin'!

Temperatures are running 10-15 degrees above average for mid-November. But there are some significant changes in the forecast.

Tonight, clouds will start moving in, leaving us mostly cloudy by daybreak on Tuesday. That will keep temperatures up though. Lows will drop only to the low-and-mid 40s.

Tuesday forecast:

Tuesday, we won't have nearly as much sunshine. Skies will be mostly cloudy, but we'll still see 60 for a high. Some showers will move through our western and northern areas in the late afternoon and evening, but not everyone will get wet.

Wednesday forecast:

Better chances of rain arrive on Wednesday. Highs should sneak up to the mid 60s before showers start in the afternoon (record high is 69, so we'll get close but should fall just short).

Temperatures take a tumble late in the week. And yes, we're looking at a shot of measurable snow by Saturday. This is a small wave and ANY small fluctuation could move this snow north or south of SE Michigan. But temperature last will stay in the 30s all day.

Numbers move up again late in the weekend through much of next week.

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