MDOT mulch project along I-696 spreads dust into Warren neighborhood

Will Jones reports from Warren.
Will Jones reports from Warren.

WARREN, Mich. – It's not the wake up call Dan Hall wanted at his Warren home.

"This morning I woke up and we have all this dust and debris all over the place," he said.

Dirt was all over his driveway and cars. Some dirt even made it into his home through an open window in a room where his wife, who has severe health problems, sleeps.

"It's very important to keep where she's at spotless. I mean completely clean at at times," he said.

It was coming from the mulching work on a stretch of Interstate 696. Hall's son shot cellphone video of the workers in action.

"Yeah, what you are doing is polluting. You are getting dust in all these houses here. What about the cars? What about all the houses? You are going to have to stop," Hall's son told workers.

The Michigan Department of Transportation is in the process of a 20-mile slope restoration project along the stretch I-696. A spokesperson said crews put mulching on hold for the day because of complaints from neighbors.

At the very least, Hall said he should have been notified before the work started.

"If I would have gotten some warning I would have kept things shut," he said.