Police investigating shootout after attempted robbery of pizza delivery driver

DETROIT – Detroit police are investigating a shootout that took place during an attempted robbery of a pizza delivery on the city’s west side.

The shooting happened on Kentucky Avenue.

Katrina Weatherbee, 34, was with her boss delivering the pizza because the pizzeria sends pairs for deliveries in Detroit.

The buyer stalled giving Weatherbee the money and a man came out from the side of the house with a gun.

Weatherbee’s boss, a licensed CPL carrier intervened.

Shots were fired and Weatherbee was hit.

“It just felt like a bunch of bee strings,” Weatherbee said. “Like all at once, it was a big sting and it hurt a lot and I immediately grabbed my pocket and it hurt.”

The bullet lodged in her backside and it will have to stay there as doctors couldn’t remove it.

Weatherbee, a mother to five children, credits her boss with saving her life.

“He was more than just my boss,” Weatherbee said. “He’s my friend and I really appreciate him.”

Her boss spent the night answering questions, but he’s expected to be released uncharged.

Police say the alleged robber is in critical condition in the hospital.