Teacher sick-out closes 7 Detroit schools

DETROIT – Seven Detroit schools are closed Thursday due to an unauthorized reported teacher sick-out.

DPS confirms Gompers, Bates, Ann Arbor Trail, Bagley, Paul Robeson, Medicine, and Detroit College Prep at Northwestern are closed.

Here is a statement from DPS EM Darnell Earley:

"The education of our students must be the focus of all Detroit Public Schools employees each and every day. The District has the right to review suspected abuses of sick leave. Any DPS teacher calling off on personal illness in connection with any reported "teacher sick-out" will be subject to a review of their actions. The review will include requiring medical documentation to substantiate the illness in order to determine whether the reported time was legitimately charged as personal illness. Failure to provide documentation may result in the absence being without pay, and further disciplinary action being taken in accordance with District policy."

A teacher sick-out prompted three Detroit schools to close Dec. 1. The teachers involved in the sick-out were unhappy with Gov. Rick Snyder’s plans for the district.

"Responsible adults should never allow their differences of opinion or disagreements to interfere with the education of our students," said Earley. "This continued abuse of sick time by a small group of DPS teachers does nothing to help the District achieve its goals."