Brothers help keep downtown Mount Clemens alive

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. – The staff at Orleans has flipping stools and setting up pool for 20 years, but come 2016, they’ll be prepping for something even bigger.

Krystal Robertson not only manages Orleans, but calls Mount Clemens home, so when the bar next door, John Barelycorns, closed its doors, it was a huge blow to the city.

Whether you call them the Three Mustketeers or the Dan Gilberts of Mt. Clemens,

it’s thanks to the Boone brothers that new life is arriving to the heart of the city.

Mike, Mark and Paul Boone bought all 8,000 square feet next door, and when the for sale signs come down, an Irish pub named after their mother, Nora O’Halloran, will be in the vacant building's place.

The Boones have their hands in businesses all around the city, and it’s not just about personal success, but the success of Mt. Clemens as a whole.

Renovations will start the first of the year. The team said they hope to open the pub and banquet hall by spring of 2016, bringing dozens of jobs along with it.