Family escapes firebombing in their east side Detroit home

DETROIT – Investigators in Detroit are trying to figure out who fire bombed an east side home on Hasse Street early Wednesday morning. 

Mercedes Parish told Local 4 she was in the home with her three young children when a firebomb came through the front window.

"I was scared because I was in my room with my 1-year-old daughter and I seen flames from an angle. I was screaming, ‘Help, help.’ They came downstairs and ran with water, buckets, buckets of water," Parish said.

Parish's grandmother and grandfather own the home.

“I heard the crash, she screamed, we ran downstairs, I saw the flames. I ran to the water and I just started dousing the flames," said Parish's grandmother, Debra Payne.

No one was hurt and the family was able to put out the fire, but it damaged the carpet, wall and curtains.

The family said they aren't sure why anyone would fire bomb their home.

Police said they are looking at footprints in the snow that lead up to the house as part of their investigation.