Read documents here: More class action lawsuits filed over Flint water


Two more class actions lawsuits have been filed in against Gov. Rick Snyder and state offices over Flint’s lead-tainted water.

The lawsuits request that a preliminary injunction be issued to prevent Flint from issuing any further water shut-off notices for residents who can’t pay their bills, and that all water bills be declared invalid.

“Essentially, residents have been getting billed for water they cannot use,” said attorney Trachelle Young.

The complaints name Snyder, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. They were filed with the Michigan Court of Claims and Genesee County's 7th Judicial Circuit Court.

“The reason we that we have taken our time and trouble to file three separate lawsuits, each raising these problems, is because the state of Michigan has done so little to fine tune and protect these people,” said attorney Bill Goodman.

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