Detroit refinery fight: Public hearing set on Marathon oil request

Proposal would allow more pollutants


DETROIT – The Detroit City Council has set the date for a new public hearing about the Marathon Oil Refinery project.

The company wants approval to increase the amount of pollution emitted at the facility in Southwest Detroit.

During a public hearing held earlier this year, dozens of Detroit and Downriver residents voiced their objections to the plan, which would all the release of more sulfur dioxide into the air. Those fighting the plan point out the community is already considered the most polluted in Michigan.

Earlier studies have shown higher than normal health problems for people living in the affected area.

Homeowners also fear allowing more pollution will hurt property values that are already far below market level.

"I can't even give my home away," said one Southwest Detroit homeowner. "Not even my relatives want to live in it - for free. And I certainly can't sell it."

The public hearing will be held at 6 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 28, at the Patton Recreation Center.