Gymnasium at Detroit's Spain Elementary School closed due to mold

DETROIT – Spain Elementary School in Detroit is renowned as the worst physical building in the entire district.

The building looks fine from the outside, but it’s very different on the inside. The condition of this building has parents supporting the teacher sick-outs.”

Violating state law, Detroit teachers walked off the job Wednesday closing 88 schools. The school system is suing to prevent further sick-outs.

There have been 11 teacher sick-outs so far in 2016. The number of days lost at Spain Elementary School is four, but there is a dirty little secret – the gym is roped off and closed down because of mold.

Alvin King, a Spain Elementary parent, says he’s fine with the teachers’ sick-outs.

“Somebody’s got to open their eyes up now and look,” King said. “This school right here is full of mold. Why are my kids in here?”

Monique Wheeler, another parent, is also angry over the school’s condition.

“Things they have going on in the school and the gym, mice and rodents,” Wheeler said. “It’s bad.”

Shamarla Carter has two children at Spain Elementary and went there as a child. She wants the school to return to the condition she remembers.

“I think it’s horrible because I swam at Spain and did everything so I think they should have the same opportunity,” Carter said. “It’s crazy.”

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