Teens arrested in purse snatching of 83-year-old woman


WESTLAND, Mich. – Westland police took two men into custody after an 83-year-old woman’s purse was snatched.

Brent Gray, 18, of Romulus, allegedly acted as the getaway driver. The thief was 16-year-old resident of Romulus has been turned over to the 3rd Circuit Court Juvenile Division.

The purse snatching happened Dec. 9, 2015, in the parking lot of the Value World at 35400 Central City Parkway. A man ran behind her as the woman was exiting her vehicle and grabbed her purse.

Video surveillance from a nearby business showed the man fleeing into a vehicle which was occupied by the getaway driver.

The victim’s credit card was used in multiple cities and the investigation that followed led to the identification and arrest of Gray and the juvenile.

Gray was arrested Dec. 29, 2015, and was arraigned at the 18th District Court on charges of robbery-unarmed, larceny from a person, stealing/retaining another’s financial transaction device without their consent, and the illegal sale/use of a financial transaction device.

Gray posted a bond of $20,000 at 10 percent. He is ordered to have a GPS tether worn until his next court appearance at the 3rd Circuit Court.