Sidewalk mess draws complaints in Southwest Detroit

DETROIT – Residents in Southwest Detroit have complained about the messes on their neighborhood’s sidewalks for weeks. While the complaints are valid, the reason doesn’t have a simple solution.

Henry Kendricks, Jr. is homeless. He sets up camp on Michigan Avenue.

He has chairs, a bed and even a rug that make up his outdoor home on the sidewalk.

Kendricks says he’s been on and off the streets since doing time for manslaughter. An agency set him up in an apartment, but he lost it by staying there occasionally and returning to the streets at other times.

Many refuse to help the homeless, but Kendricks said he needs it.

“Absolutely, I’ve been trying to get help,” Kendricks said.

St. Peter and Paul Church feeds Kendricks and other homeless people on Sundays. The church wants to get Hendricks off of the streets before he freezes to death.

Many are tired of seeing the furniture and trash on the street, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy solution.

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