Mayor Duggan: No more pollutants from Marathon Oil


DETROIT – Marathon Oil is petitioning the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for a permit to release more sulfur dioxide into the air because federal regulations now require less of it in gasoline.

People who live in and around that area in Southwest Detroit have been showing up by the hundreds to community meetings to let the MDEQ they won’t stand for it.

Residents here have been complaining of horrible odors that they say are causing them health problems. Air quality in the 48217 ZIP code does not meet federal standards, according to the Detroit Health Department.

Marathon sent a representative to a public meeting on the topic who tried to assure residents that Marathon has been lowering what it puts into the air and that it is a good corporate neighbor.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan took to the podium, asked to use the Marathon Oil representative’s own slides and proceeded to dismantle his arguments one by one. 

“We are going to try and convince MDEQ to do the right thing,” Duggan said. “If we can’t we’re going to get a federal judge to convince MDEQ to do the right thing.”

An early assessment by MDEQ says further emissions wouldn’t impact the air quality in the area.

The agency is expected to make a final decision in a few weeks.

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