Highland Park apartment complex owes DTE $52K

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. – Dozens of Highland Park families could have their heat shut off after an apartment complex received notices from DTE Energy.

The tenants at the complex on West McNichols Road pay their rent and utilities to the building manager, but DTE is owed $52,000 in payments.

The shut off is planned for Feb. 26.

“That’s less than 30 days,” Elizabeth Howard, a tenant, said. “What are we supposed to do?”

ACE Investment owns the building. When Local 4 called, they responded that it was something they were not aware of and that they would call back. They didn’t call back.

DTE says it’s trying to help the tenants by offering a payment plan, but as of now the shutoffs are still scheduled.

“You don’t want anything to be shut off in the dead of winter – or the summer,” Andrew Candler, a tenant said.

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