Video shows vicious fight outside Oak Park High School

Police say victim did not want to cooperate or press charges

OAK PARK, Mich. – The video from outside Oak Park High School can be described as horrifying. 

The fight happened Friday afternoon in the parking lot. A person is shown being knocked down, kicked, punched and stomped. The final kick to the head knocked the person unconscious. 

Watch video: Brutal fight outside Oak Park High School

"He's asleep!" a person is heard yelling in the background. 

The video tells just one part of the story. The person being attacked is 19 years old. Oak Park police said he entered the high school that afternoon likely looking for students with whom he was having an argument. He was a legal adult entering a high school, looking for students. 

Security guards kicked him out of the building. However, he stuck around outside and that led to the fight. It was a vicious beating which could have left horrific injuries. 

"It is horrible. It's not something that you expect to see out of teenagers in a civilized society," said Oak Park Deputy Police Chief Mike Pinkerton. 

The person delivering that final kick to the head is a juvenile -- a student at Oak Park High School. His kick to the head looks like a felony aggravated assault.

However, he won't be facing any felonies. 

"And it would be (a felony) if you had a willing victim. Unfortunately, our victim does not want to cooperate, did not cooperate when we were on the scene initially. We summoned medical assistance for him. He still refused to give us pertinent information about himself or the people who assaulted him," said Pinkerton. 


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