Residents pack Dearborn Heights meeting to demand rat solution


DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. – An epidemic of rats has plagued residents of Dearborn Heights for years despite complaints and the issue was brought again before the City Council Tuesday evening.

Some residents say they’ve seen rats the size of a house cat.

“If I put a trap there tonight, I guarantee there will be a rat there in the morning,” said Caroline Staurt, president of the Southwest Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association. “They get into trash. They burrow holes under concrete. They spread disease.”

Residents brought up the issue at a City Council meeting Tuesday evening. The issue has been brought up before.

The council heard from Jack McIntyre, the director of ordinance enforcement and animal control about what the department does to control the problem.

“We ask them to make sure they’re picking up after their animal,” said McIntyre. “If they’re not storing garbage properly, we ask them to do that.”

Some residents and council members want the city to bring in an exterminating company.

The council made a motion Tuesday evening to have a private study session to discuss the issue further.

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