Dearborn mayor's vulgar comment broadcast during council meeting

DEARBORN, Mich. – The mayor of Dearborn was caught using profanity to describe a City Council member during the council’s meeting Tuesday night.

Mayor Jack O’Reilly didn’t realize his microphone was broadcasting sound to viewers at home watching the meeting when he used an obscenity directed at Council President Pro Tem Tom Tafelski.

“An (expletive). What an (expletive).”

The meeting was broadcast on City of Dearborn Television.

Tafelski didn’t hear the mayor insult him, but people watching at home did.

“I glance down at my phone and I start getting messages from folks that were home watching our meeting live,” Tafelski said.

Tafelski was explaining to the council why he’s voting against moving Dearborn’s veterans’ memorial, saying he’s strongly against the cost overruns.

O’Reilly began to explain his view when Tafelski interrupted him with what he admits was a snarky comment.

“The mayor did send me an email saying he was sorry,” Tafelski said. “He’s sorry he got caught.”

O'Reilly sent the following email to Tafelski:

"Rudeness never contributes to constructive dialogue and is therefore beneath the standard of behavior I strive to maintain. At last night's City Council meeting, I did not meet that standard. therefore I apologize for my inappropriate remark."

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