WDIV, NBC News team up to tell stories of the 'Faces of Flint'


FLINT, Mich. – For almost three years the people of Flint, Michigan, have been dealing with the repercussions of a decision to stop buying water from the city of Detroit.  We are now seeing the beginning of the dramatic impact that decision has had on thousands of families, and in particular, children, who are dealing with a crisis, driven by the dangers lurking in their tap water. 

As politicians and the authorities battle over how to make Flint’s drinking water safe for all, those families are left to figure out how to get through their daily lives. 

Where will their drinking water come from, how will they bathe, how will they deal with possible medical issues months and years from now? 

The issues demand coverage over a long period of time, NBC News and WDIV-TV have committed to working together to tell the stories of the “Faces of Flint.” 

We will endeavor to bring together the broad picture of every child in Flint, to show how an entire generation is impacted. 

This partnership will give those children an unforgettable platform, where we will see all of their faces, and recognize them as victims of the decisions surrounding this crisis.

On our broadcasts, and our digital and social sites, you will have access to their stories, as well as how the leaders in Flint, the state of Michigan, and the federal government, are responding.

You will see that coverage on NBC News programs like “The Today Show,” and “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt,” as well as MSNBC.  

WDIV will feature strong coverage on broadcasts and on a special coverage page ClickOnDetroit.com - view it here.

There will also be multiple ways to follow the story using the hashtag #FacesOfFlint on social media.

For the families of Flint, please share your story so that others may learn from it.

You can do so by emailing us with your story at facesofflint@msnbc.com .